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My name is John Arminius McClurg,  I am an inheritor of old-tyme traditions of manly strength.  My father and stepfather before me were strong men who inspired my love of strength from an early age; through their blue-collar work ethic and lives of labor, they taught me to be strong in all aspects of life and to make use of what skills I had and what my environment had to offer.  I founded Stone Circle Strongman , a strongman stonelifting competition, with these ideas firmly in mind.


Seven years ago I founded Stone Circle Strongman. I couldn't afford a car, didn't have enough money to travel to mountain bike races or arm wrestling tournaments which were my passions, and found myself with no competitions in my life--a boring place to be.  I had only a few stones around my house so I began lifting them to stay strong. Then I invited friends over to see who could lift them more than I. And thus I found myself and my friends getting strong and having a lot of fun in process.

Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stone Circle Strongman is not a gym; t's a yard full of heavy stones and a desire to reconnect to the ancient ways.  We shoulder heavy stones, we deadlift boulders, and we press and carry massive stones outside, competitively.  It's real strength from the ancient, real world. We believe in primal strength at its core.  And we believe that if you lift with stone, you will become Built From Stone.

mcclurg mANHOOD stones

These are some of the McClurg Manhood Stones. Anyone may visit their home, the Stone Circle Inn, and lift them.  Enter the Circle. Lift the Stones. Stand in Glory.

Celt's Heart 60 lb

Saxon Stone 135 lb

Troll's Teardrop 162 lb

Grendel 308 lb


Stone Circle Strongman

544 Parker Street

Verona, pA 15147


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