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Clan McClurg's 

S t o n e  C i r c l e  
S t r o n g m a n

built from stone

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My name is John Arminius McClurg,  I am the founder of Stone Circle Strongman, a competitive strongman organization based entirely on lifting heavy, natural stones. I and my brothers and sisters of stone host stonelifting competitions throughout Appalachia to give others a chance to experience the thrill of training and competing with the most ancient and primal tests of human strength: heavy stones.


I am an inheritor of old-tyme traditions of manly strength.  My father and stepfather before me were strong men who inspired my love of strength from an early age; through their blue-collar work ethic and lives of manual labor, they taught me to be strong in all aspects of life and to make use of what skills I had and what my environment had to offer.  I founded Stone Circle Strongman with these ideas firmly in mind: To make the most of the seemingly least.  And through it, to become your best. 

Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stone Circle Strongman  is not a gym but a sacred space where we are inspired to to reconnect to the ancient ways and to the spirits of the ancestors.  We shoulder heavy stones, we deadlift boulders, and we press and carry massive stones outside, year-round; it's functional strength at its most simple, primal core. We believe in enduring strength.  And we believe that if you lift with stone, you will become Built From Stone.

McClurg's Manhood Stones

These are some of the McClurg Manhood Stones. They have been used in competitions throughout North America for years. They will continue to test the hearts of men for eons to come.


Enter the Circle. Lift the Stones. Stand in Glory.


Stone Circle Strongman

544 Parker Street
Verona, pA 15147



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