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competition Events

The following is the current list of possible Stone Circle Strongman events for each year's competitions. The events are inspired by longstanding strength competition predecessors such as the Highland Games of Scotland and the World's Strongest Man. SCS events use only heavy stones (with a few exceptions), which are undoubtedly the most primal and fundamental test of human strength. 


SCS events are to be for either max repetitions, max weight lifted, ascending weight, max distance, fastest or longest time, head-to-head or solo, or as part of a medley or combination of the above.  SCS competitions view the definition of strength as a blend of short-duration, static power events with longer-duration, dynamic events which require appreciable levels of muscular endurance.  A truly strong man is strong and fit.  Like a stone, he is strong for long.

Stone to Shoulder

A stone is picked up from the ground and rested upon the shoulder. One hand is removed to confirm a one-second rested lift. 

Rock and Roll:

A stone is pushed and rolled uphill to the Stone Circle Mead Hall. Stone must be pushed, not pulled.

Stone to Sky (Stone Block Press) 

A stone is lifted from the ground, cleaned and pressed by any technique necessary overhead to elbow lockout.

Stone Squat:

A stone is lifted from the ground, held close to the torso, and squatted to parallel.

Stone Deadlift:

A stone is lifted from the ground straight to the waist; no lapping the stone or using the knees or thighs to lift is permitted.

Stone's Throw

3 stones are lifted from the ground and thrown in succession for max distance.


McClurg Walking Stones

Two stones are raised off the ground by attached ropes and carried, one in each hand, for distance.

Stone Hold

A stone is held straightarmed at parallel either to the front or to the sides for max time. No leaning is permitted. Alternatively, a heavy stone is deadlifted into position and held for as long as possible. 

Shield Carry 

 A stone is lifted from the ground and carried upon the chest as far as possible.

McClurg Stones 

5 McClurg Stones are lifted from the ground in ascending weights onto a retaining wall.

Trial by Stone Medley

2 stones are pressed overhead in succession. Two stones are then loaded onto a wall.  Finally, a heavy stone is carried, pulled, or pushed a certain distance.

Stone Stack

A maximum number of stones are pressed together horizontally with the hands and lifted from the ground onto a retaining wall.

Carry and Drag

A large stone (or two) is carried in some fashion to another stone which is then dragged by rope for a certain distance. 

Stone Bench

A heavy stone is moved into position upon the chest and pressed to elbow lockout.

Mule Pull

A heavy stone is pulled a certain distance from either a seated rowing position, arm over arm, or from the back using a towing harness and a rope.

Stone Loading Race

A succession of heavy stones and other implements are loaded upon the retaining wall from a distance.

Last Man Standing (Tiebreaker Event)

A heavy stone is picked up from the ground and placed on a retaining wall by two competitors, each after the other,  until one competitor cannot lift the stone upon the wall. 30 seconds time limit for each attempted lift. Stone must stay on the wall for a successful lift. 



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