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Stone circle challenges

Make a visit to the stone circle Inn and attempt any of the following stonelifting challenges: All Lifters' feats of strength will be recorded in a journal  at the  inn. What will history say of you?

Manhood Stone Challenge: Lift each of the 6 McClurg Manhood Stones to chest height. Total weight: 1,230 lbs.

Stone Press Challenge:  Press the McClurg Pressing Stones overhead in succession. 160, 190, 225, and 245 lbs.

McClurg Purple Heart Stone Carry:  Walk as far as possible carrying the 300 lb Purple Heart Stone.

Deadlift and Squat Challenge:  see how many deadlift reps you can get with the Dragon's Head Stone, 245 lb and bear hug squats with the Lion Stone, 185 lbs.

McClurg Walking Stones:  See how far you can walk carrying the McClurg Walking Stones farmer's style. 190 lb and 225 lbs.

enter the circle.
lift the stones.
stand in glory.
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